Home-brewed Powershell modules for NSX-T 2.4

Sometimes someone creates something .. WHICH IS JUST HORRIBLE.


And I cannot stand it!
In this case PowerCLI has created a “PowerNSXT” module including no more then 3 (!) cmdlets to do all: connect, disconnect, get (which is also used to put stuff in there).

My dear colleague Marco van Baggum has written a blog about it .. but I hate it (not NSX-T -> PowerCLI for NSX-T). This is a so called low-level implementation and the get function directly communicates with the NSX-T API. No sysadmin is every going to use that 😉 They want high-level cmdlets: for each function a separate cmdlet (such as “new-nsxttransportzone”).

There is a fling available for native PowerCLI for NSX-T, but that darn thing is under development for a loooooong time + I didn’t get it to work on my Mac laptop + I also like to take a little challenge!


Yes you heard me correctly: I’ve written my own PowerNSXT module with with (for now) 44 actually working high-level cmdlets.

You can download it from https://github.com/Datacenter-Dennisch/PowerNSXT

The cmdlets work just as you might should expect.
An example of a cmdlet:

New-NsxTLogicalSwitch -Displayname "LS_Web" -ReplicationMode MTEP -TransportZoneObject (Get-NsxTTransportZone -Displayname "Global_TransportZone")

Please let me know what you think about this?

And a last thing: expect more cmdlets in the nearby future!

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