Registration for vMA- and vNSTechCon 2020 is open!

It’s time for the 3rd annual edition of the dutch vCommunity event: vMA- and vNSTechCon 2020! Two combined events Management & Automation (vMA) and Network & Security (vNS) into one. Led by, and presented for VMware enthousiasts.

This time, due COVID-19, it will be held as a free-of-charge half-day online-event on the 29th of October 2020 (just a few weeks after the VMworld event). So you can expect exiting presentations, community discussions and we will close the day with a on-line vPubQuiz (you can win prizes!).
We can already announce that Jeremy van Doorn (Senior Director of Pre-Sales, EMEA SDDC at VMware) will kick off at 13:00 with an inspiring keynote.

Registration is Open

Be sure not to miss this event and register today to save your spot!

Asking for Call for Papers

We asking you (members of the vCommunity) to share your real-life insights and/or stories (no marketing). If you like to contribute submit you Call for Papers here! Dutch is our primary language, but English talking speakers are allowed also! As this is a vCommunity event, we ask you to create a (30 minute) presentation but also take some time for a (15 minute) vCommunity discussion, FAQ’s and/or questions.

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