Designing a NSX Security framework

As described in my previous blog, implementing micro-segmentation can have a operational burden on the network/security teams who must manage the environment. There are multiple ways to organize the NSX firewall rulebase leveraging the NSX Distributed Firewall (DWF), to enable micro-segmentation. One of the methods is using a (non-official) security framework. The NSX Security Framework provides a predefined security offensive, which can be used as … Lees verder Designing a NSX Security framework

NSX: Security vs workability

In this digitalized world were the number of internet-connected devices is growing each year, the number of cyber-attacks (through data theft, ransomware, unauthorized access, etc.) is increasing also. Security is shifting towards the board-level at companies, because the costs involved with security-breaches are hitting the business hard. Security must be considered on all aspects: from the digital workspace (desktop, mobile) towards the datacenter were critical … Lees verder NSX: Security vs workability